Airport Runway Rehabilitation

We provide a creative engineered alternative to new runway construction.
Every takeoff and landing tell a story of trust between pilots, passengers, and the ground below. Our multidisciplinary Airport Runway Rehabilitation team is dedicated to extending that trust with every project. We believe in providing a solid foundation, ensuring each journey begins and ends with the utmost in confidence and safety.

Our Approach to Extending Airport Runway Life

We have taken 75 years of successful concrete cutting experience and combined it with CNC precision processes, to bring an accurate and reliable solution to rehabilitating concrete airport runways. Our promise is to deliver these benefits:
Extend the concrete runways service life
Economical solution rather than full runway replacement
Maintain daily runway operations during rehabilitation process
Increase runway panel stability while decreasing inflection

Featured Project

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) - North Runway Project

A custom runway rehabilitation solution, meticulously designed, tested, and executed by our team.

Our Process


We work with engineers to see how your project qualifies.
Icon of a runway


We modify the approach for each project to meet the critical objectives and timelines.


With precision consistency we deploy our custom technology.


Each step is documented, checked and ensured to meet engineered tolerances.

Our Team in Action